Independent News & Media (INME.I, INM ID)

  • 142.8
  • 1386.5
  • 70.0

    Closing Price (c): 10.3

  • RATING 04/04/19


Company Profile

Independent News & Media has confirmed that it has received a possible offer for the company. As broker to Independent News &d Media, Davy is deemed to be an associated party and we have therefore discontinued the publication of research and forecast information at this time. Independent News & Media (INM) has a market-leading newspaper position in Ireland and Northern Ireland with a strong and growing digital presence. It is the largest newspaper contract printer and wholesale newspaper distributor on the island of Ireland. INM accounts for 50% of the quality daily market and almost 65% of the quality Sunday market and has a combined 2.4m readers that connect each week in print and online. The group is therefore well positioned to take advantage of Ireland's economic recovery.

Major Shareholders%
Denis O'Brien 29.9
IIU Nominees Ltd 15.0
Farringdon Capital Management 6.8
Duke University4.4
Pageant Investments3.0