In the Style Group plc (ITS.L, ITS LN)

  • 8.1
  • 52.5
  • 53.3

    Closing Price (p): 15.5

  • RATING 09/08/22

  • PREVIOUS RATING 22/09/21


Company Profile

In The Style Group (ITS) is an e-commerce business that collaborates with influencers to design, market and sell clothing, shoes and accessories for women. It was founded in 2013 by Adam Frisby in Salford. The company has an inclusivity focus, using plus-sized models and offering clothing lines in a wide choice of sizes. ITS targets 25-30-year old consumers with heavy social media use, something that is amplified by its influencers, who can be micro influencers or have millions of followers.

Major Shareholders%
Frisby Adam23.1
Lombard Odier Asset Mgt. (Europe)21.1
Causeway CGP Ltd. (Ireland)14.5
Octopus Investments Ltd.7.5
Chelverton Asset Management Ltd.5.2