Keywords Studios (KWS.L, KWS LN)

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    Closing Price (p): 1565.0

  • RATING 08/01/19

  • PREVIOUS RATING 18/10/17


Company Profile

KWS is the largest provider of outsourced technical services to the video game industry. It has 36 studios operating on an international basis across America, Europe and Asia. KWS' services, which are largely platform-agnostic, include art creation such as graphical assets, audio recording (primarily voice - original and translated), functional testing, translations (up to 50 different languages) and customer/community support (back end of life cycle). KWS currently has around 2,800 employees (c.1,000 in the Americas, 600 in Europe and 1,200 in Asia).

Major Shareholders%
Octopus Investments6.0
P.E.Q Holdings Limited5.5
Andrew John Day5.2
JP Morgan5.0
Oberweiss Asset Management4.6