Südzucker (SZUG.DE, SZU GY)

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  • 204.2
  • 31.5

    Closing Price (c): 1357.0

  • RATING 10/10/17

  • PREVIOUS RATING 03/06/15


Company Profile

Südzucker (SZU) is the biggest sugar producer in the EU. It is also Europe's largest producer of bio-ethanol. As a consequence of both these activities, it is a major producer of agricultural feed ingredient inputs. It is also the global leader in fruit preparations; Europe's largest producer of apple juice concentrate; Europe's biggest producer of private label frozen pizzas; leading international position in specialised food ingredients; leading European player in portion-packed products. Sugar remains the most significant segment within the group as regards sales and operating profit. SZU's activities and asset base are geographically extensive (more than 40 countries on five continents). It has a diverse and complex operational and geographic portfolio. It is also complex in terms of its corporate structure. There are two listed entities consolidated by SZU: Agrana (starch, bio-ethanol, fruit) and CropEnergies (bio-ethanol). Furthermore, SZU's major shareholder is SZVG, representing 56% of the shares outstanding and controlled by sugar beet growers.

Major Shareholders%
SZVG 56.5
Zucker Invest GmbH 10.3