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Super-connectors: analysing the growth and impact on the Middle Eastern carriers

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  • Companies : Norwegian Air | Lufthansa | easyJet | Wizz Air Holdings | Air France KLM | IAG | Ryanair Holdings


Ratings and price correct at time of issue

Company Rating Date Previous Rating Date Closing Price
Air France KLM NEUTRAL 22/01/18 Outperform 28/07/17 1210c
easyJet OUTPERFORM 12/12/17 Neutral 14/06/17 163700p
IAG NEUTRAL 22/08/17 Outperform 10/09/14 731p
Lufthansa OUTPERFORM 27/01/17 Neutral 16/10/15 2849c
Ryanair Holdings OUTPERFORM 07/12/09 Neutral 02/11/09 1619c
Norwegian Air NEUTRAL 01/09/15 Underperform 22/01/15 22140
Wizz Air Holdings NEUTRAL 21/06/16 N/A N/A 4178p


The four super-connectors have constrained the European network’s opportunity to partake in key Asian and African growth markets. With growth of the former unexpectedly slowing to 3% last year, does this re-open growth opportunities for the Europeans? In partnership with consultants Aviation Strategy, we have conducted an in-depth analysis of the current state of play in Turkey and the Middle East.

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Jan 26 2018, 06:50 GMT