What is a price alert?

A price alert is an automated email that alerts you to changes in prices. Davy clients can set up customised alerts for certain shares, ETFs and market indices.

There are 2 alerts types; Value alert and Timed alert. A Value Alert is triggered when your selected share price changes. A Timed alert is triggered only at the times you specify. Please note, prices are delayed by 15 minutes.

Open the Tools section of Davy

When you open the Tools section, the Price Alerts page is displayed.

Price Alerts menu 

Choose the category of alert you want to set

You can choose between:

  • Customised alerts: an alert on a specific share or ETF
  • My holdings: an alert on a specific share or ETF that you hold
  • Predefined lists: choose an alert from one of the Davy set lists. These include movers up and down on the exchanges and indices.
  • Market index: an alert on one of the market indices

Choose the alert type: Timed or Value

Timed Alert

To receive an update on the price of your chosen share, ETF, ETC or market each day at a specific time you can set up a timed alert. You can choose up to four different times for each alert that you create.

To set up a Timed Alert, pick "Timed Alert" from the Alert Type drop-down list. A list of times will be displayed. Tick up to four times on the list and click on "Create Alert".

Value Alert

You can choose between four types of value alerts:

  • when the price rises above the value that you set
  • When the price falls below the value that you set
  • when the price increases by a percentage that you set
  • when the price decreases by a percentage that you set

Value alerts can only be set on a single share or ETF.

To set up a Value Alert:

  1. Pick "Value Alert" from the Alert Type drop-down list
  2. Choose your value alert type
  3. Enter the value that you want to be alerted at, and click on "Create Alert"

You will receive your alerts by email and you can view them on any PC, laptop or smart phone.