For a quick overview: Portfolio Valuation

Your portfolio valuation is displayed each time that you log in to Davy. To access the portfolio valuation from other pages, click on My Portfolio in the main navigation.

Portfolio Valuation 

Portfolio Valuation Summary

The top section of the Portfolio Valuation page displays a short summary of your account. The details of this are:

  • Portfolio Value: the current Euro value of your asset holdings. This does not include trades that have been dealt, but have not yet settled.
  • Cash Value: the current Euro value of the cash on your account.
  • Total Value: the current Euro combined value of your stock and cash holdings.
  • Available to invest: the total amount of cleared cash on the account, adjusted for any unsettled sales or purchases, pending purchases, or fees.

Portfolio Breakdown

You can quickly review the sector balance of your portfolio using the pie chart in the centre of the page.

Portfolio breakdown graph. 

Portfolio Holdings

The bottom section of the Portfolio Valuation is given over to a list of your current holdings, with prices from the previous day's close. From this list you can review your holdings, and drill down to detailed prices, charts and stock information.

Previous transactions: Holdings History

To review your transactions on a particular holding use the Holdings History tool. To open your Holding History page, click on My Portfolio, and Choose Portfolio Holdings History in the white menu.

Portfolio holdings menu 

The Holdings History functionality lets you review your transactions in a particular share, investment fund or ETF during a specified time period.

  1. Choose the holding you want to review from a drop down list of your holdings
  2. Set a start date and end date for the period that you want to review
  3. Click "Search" to display a list of all your transactions on that stock during the period specified