The Ethical Equity Fund seeks to invest in companies that have a proven ability to generate cash flow returns on investment (CFROI) in excess of their cost of capital over many years. We seek to identify companies where we believe these metrics are not reflected in the company’s share price.

Incorporated in our investment process are both “Negative” and “Positive” screening criteria, used to select for investment those companies that uphold best practices. 


We focus on high quality companies, which are typically larger firms with strong management, proven business models and healthy balance sheets, i.e. global “blue chip” companies that are listed primarily in developed markets.


Our disciplined investment process ensures that we focus on companies that can deliver not just attractive returns but who are priced at appropriate valuation levels.

We have a proven, repeatable investment process that is built on the collective inputs from our experienced fund management team. We manage a concentrated global portfolio of between 60 and 90 stocks, broadly diversified by geography and sector with a particular focus on risk management.

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